Teenager Builds Off Grid Tiny House (80% Recycled Material)

Amazing Homemade Tiny House

Jessie was a teenager when he started his own “tiny house movement,” even before the phrase was popularly used.

With the help of his parents and some friends, he built a great small home for himself, powered by solar, and built mostly out of recycled material!

While it is not exactly the perfect home it certainly works for Jessie and he is always coming up with new ideas for it. Some consider him off the grid but that is not quite true.

He has a job outside of the home, drives a car, and while he is a great young prepper and survivalist in his own right, he does appear to enjoy the luxury of a home computer and a social life. Check out his tiny home & lifestyle below…

If you like this idea, be sure to share it with your friends and inspire someone you know. Anything becomes possible with just a little inspiration…

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