HOW TO: Campervan Electrical System Explained – Battery Bank, Wire Gauge, Inverter, Solar ect.


Check out this extremely helpful video from Campervan Cory explaining how he setup and installed his entire 12v and 120v campervan electrical system.  You will learn how to wire your batteries in either series or parallel, the difference between 12v and 120v and how to instal them both to work together. You will learn how to install solar panels and how to keep you battery bank charged 24/7. You will learn about inverters, converters, fuse boxes, wire gauges, voltage sensing relays and much much more. This video will teach you everything you need to know to successfully setup the electrical system on your campervan and how to wire and charge your batteries with either a voltage sensing relay, solar panels, shore power or a generator.

**Electrical System Parts List**
Renogy 100 Watts Solar Panel Kit –
2 AWG Wire –
14 Gauge THHN Stranded Wire –
2 AWG Ring 3/8″ Hole Terminal Lug –
Battery On and Off Switch –
12 Panel Fuse Box –
KRIËGER® 1500 Watt 12V Power Inverter –
Voltage Sensing Relay –
Generator –

**Other Items He Uses In The Van**
5000 BTU A/C Unit –
Mattress –
Hitch Rack –
Endless Breeze Fan –
Fan-Tastic Roof Vent Fan –
Roof Rack –
Carbon Monoxide Alarm –
Coleman Classic Propane Stove –
LED Dome Light –

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