How To Get Free Land In Kansas

Lincoln, Kansas

Lincoln, Kansas is a picturesque small town. The property is located right next to the town baseball field and in close vicinity to the local schools. This is a subdivision setting, but a lot of modern homesteaders do so on a smaller scale.

The town population is only 3500, and it is located right off of Interstate 70. The town does require an application process.

If you are interested in applying for this land, click here.

Marquette, Kansas

Marquette is another small town gem. They offer great school systems and safety for your family.

They, too, require you to fill out a land application. It is also required that if you are accepted into the free land program that you begin to build a home within 120 days.

Your home must be completed one year from the date of signing the land agreement. You are also required to live in your home for one year. There are certain specifications that your home must meet in order to qualify.

If you’d like to apply for Marquette’s free land, click here.

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