Snipers Attack California Electrical Power Station & Take Out 17 Transformers in Less Than 20 Minutes


Snipers Attack California Electrical Power Substation In April of 2013 –yes, we’re only just now hearing about this– in an apparent domestic terrorism attack, unknown snipers attacked the PG&E power station in California and basically took out and entire substation by destroying 17 electrical transformers. The attack started just before 1am on April 16th, and lasted for an amazing 19 minutes. The attackers were not caught, and slipped out into the night. The FBI has no leads, and there were 100 rifle casings found, all with no fingerprints. The attack seems to be pulled off with military precision, and tactics. Either that or someone lucked out. The question is who would do this? Why? And who benefits from this? Was it a security test?

Fortunately the power did not go down. Power was rerouted to more secure areas from other stations. The substation that was attacked was down for a month while repairs were made.

Are You Prepared?

Power outages happen, are you prepared? This is a perfect real-world example of an unexpected domestic terrorism attack happening to the power grid. Not only did the attackers learn how to defeat a substation, they also learned that what they did did not cause a power outage. Which could mean, they might be back to up the ante at a later date.

The fact is, this proves it can happen, in the least expected places. Realistically speaking the odds of something like this happening in your neighborhood is extremely low. But this doesn’t mean that other things will not cause a power outage.

Blackouts happen all the time all over the world. It’s a reality of being attached to the grid. If the grid goes down, and you’re hooked up to it, you’re our of luck. You have to be prepared.

Prepping for Power Outages

Most likely (and hopefully) you will not have to deal with a terrorist attack in your neighborhood, but a natural disaster, inclement weather, or human error can cause blackouts at anytime anywhere in the world.

First and foremost, the surest way to not be effected by power outages, brown outs or straight up blackouts which last for days or weeks, is not to be connected to the grid.

It’s the best way to ensure you a free from the worry of your power going out in the deadly bitter cold of winter, or scorching heat of summer.

Make sure you have flashlights, candles, a generator, extra fuel, and plenty of water. Water is in fact the most important thing. Clean water may not be available in your area during a power outage, so stockpile all the water (and food) you can.

Again, the odds are in your favor. However, electrical transformer killing snipers may not be high on your worry list, but it’s obvious they pose a danger now.

Just be aware…

Prepare, and make sure you have the supplies you need ready to go, off grid.

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