Seed Bombing – How We Could Reforest The World

Aerial reforestation! Or seed bombing, is a way to replant the forests of the world. Replant the world with seed bombs. Millions of tiny little capsules drop from airplanes all over the land. Tree seeds are packed in biodegradable compost-like material. once dropped the natural growing process takes over and trees grow into mature trees. A single flight can drop 100,000 seeds and there is a 70% success rate! So for every 1 Million seeds planted 700k trees could be grown to repopulate damaged areas all over the world.


“…’The earliest records of aerial reforestation date back from 1930. In this period, planes were used to distribute seeds over certain inaccessible mountains inHonolulu afterforest fires. In 1987, Lynn Garrison created the Haitian Aerial Reforestation Project (HARP) in which tons of seed would be scattered from specially modified aircraft. The seeds would be encapsulated in an absorbent material. This coating would contain fertilizer, insecticide/animal repellent and, perhaps a few vegetable seeds. Haiti has a bimodal rainy season, with precipitation in spring and fall. The seeds are moistened a few days before the drop, to startgermination. Tons of seed can be scattered across areas in the mountains, inaccessible to hand-planting projects…” ~ Wikipedia

Each year about 32 BILLION acres of forest are lost to deforestation. This kind of destruction is unsustainable and life as we know it will not last if it continues.

This could reforest all the deforested areas of the world, bringing back the forests and cleaner fresher air and billions of acres of wildlife habitat.


This is ALL GOOD for the greater good of the planet and the future of our children.

This is an awesome idea!

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