Motorcycle Goes 300 Miles on 1 Liter of Water – H20 Powered Engine

A motorcycle that runs on water! It will go about 300 miles on just one liter of water. A Brazilian man has modified a small motorcycle to run on hydrogen. We all know that an ICE (internal combustion engine) will run on hydrogen, so there’s nothing new there. What’s amazing about this is that the modifications made actually produces the hydrogen on the bike allowing you to simply add water and go. The mods this man did creates hydrogen by using DC electricity from a small battery to split the hydrogen and oxygen molecules. The hydrogen is then pumped into the combustion chamber to power the engine. Check out the video below.

motorcycle runs on water

It’s a rather simple elementary process actually. Here’s a video detailing how to make a HHO (hydrogen generator) Water to Fuel Converter.


WARNING: This project should not be attempted without adult supervision and adequate training. Misuse, or careless use, of tools or projects may result in serious injury, property damage, and/or death. Use of this video content is at your own risk.

Hydrogen is dangerous and should be handled appropriately and safely by trained professionals.

If you could convert your farm tractor, ATV, UTV, car or truck to run on hydrogen it would solve a lot of problems and probably save you tens of thousands of dollars in fuel costs.

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